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Spiked Tank



Stella regrets making the bet but there’s no escaping it or the zipties wrapped around her #bondage #catsuit

Extreme BDSM Bondage

Bondage and bdsm live adult free webcams

Pretty Little Hostages

Stacie Snow (more “″)

Pretty Little Hostages

Sabine Vitua in Dein Mann wird mir gehören! 2nd part

Bondage Fantasy

Know your place When the captor wanted some relaxing movie time with her lovely captive tightly hogtied on the floor used as a foot rest, that’s what will happen. When the captive began ‘Mmmmpphhh-ing’ some form of muffled objection regarding her being used in this manner…Her captor quickly reestablished the rules Keep your face forward, remain still & be silent while she watches her show…Or else! The helpless captive immediately obeys. She is learning her place in this 'kinky relationship’ )


GiGi and Enchantress Sahrye (request from “onlyfmconceptsusandtiedladies”)


She’d suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her with her roommate, and going through the text messages on her phone confirmed it. Confident that her captive was well secured, she could take her time planning her revenge.

Damsels and other sexyness

Nicole Gray

Just A Toy 18+

Playing with a sexpet When you are wrapped up to be kept on all fours, unable to use your hands to reach those sensitive spots, forced to walk on all four like an animal, and feeling turned on, it is so nice when someone plays with the right bits. And look at the smile forming in her face, no doubt very happy with the current situation )

Because It's Fun


Lisa (1-4) + Trisha (5-7) + Carleyelle (8-10) (more “″)


Secretaries In Bondage 174-Britney Lace

Daddys broken girl

She might be in pain, joints aching, hands numb from lack of circulation. She might be crying, humiliated and degraded. But every single one of her fellow slaves look with  jealousy and envy. She is getting the attention and love each of them crave. 

Jade - Slave to Miss Andrews

This picture is exciting in it’s very own simplicity.  Just a bit of duct tape and a girl.  But while the tape immobilizes her, her own weight, although comfortably supported by her cocoon, is yet another bit of bondage as the weight precludes certain motions with which she might free herself.  And she might be in that predicament for a few days.

Jade - Slave to Miss Andrews

This mummification is pure art.  I just hope the girl within appreciates her outer beauty after being inside for a week or two……..

Restricted Senses

Mina is wearing white PVC bodysuit and stockings. She is zipped into one of our blue zipper armbinders, and gagged in a white harness ballgag. She is tied to the pole in a strappado position, a crotch rope added, and her ankles tied to her thighs and then secured back to the pole forcing her into a rather uncomfortable position. A rope then pulls her body forward and is tied off to a pole in front of her.17 Minute Video / 47 Images. I would love to be dressed and bound like Mina and hope to one day find a Mistress to serve and worship that will do this to me and allow me to dress this way

Damsels and other sexyness

Viviana Hughes (request from “onlyfmconceptsusandtiedladies”)

Fascinated by Facelessness

CastYourEnthusiasm 3

Stripped & Strangled

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Damsels and other sexyness

Bella Ink (request from “adarkanddangerousmind”)

Come in Ground Control....


Damsels and other sexyness

Demi Lovato tape gag close up

Restricted Senses

Mina wears a light pink Realise swimsuit, she is elbow bound and hogtied on the bed. A crotch rope digging in, connected to her thighs she is helpless.

Rope Bondage

Poor Angela. She was up all night struggling against her bonds trying to get free. She must be exhausted. Being kidnapped and told you’re going to be a slave will certainly tire anyone out. I’ll let her sleep for another hour before waking her and starting our training session together.